Tigudiivan OÜ is a Estonian handycraft business. Tigudiivan OÜ has been manufacturing soft furniture for over 40 years. Only the business name Tigudiivan OÜ is a new. 
We have only manyfactured in Estonia. Today we make export to Ireland, USA,  England, Norwegian, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland.
All items featured on this site are individually hand-made in our factory. We controll the entire production process, from the wood frame construction and to the final stage of hand finishing production. We use only natural productions. We give for
our productions until the 20 year warranty with original furniture passport.
Tigudiivan OÜ
Registreerimisnumber: 12732576
Estonia, Tartumaa, Tartu Ringtee 37a, 50105
E-mail: pehmemoobliremont@gmail.com